My residential work consists of new custom residences, additions and remodels. I enjoy working on older and historic buildings, updating them where it is appropriate and extending their useful life. I have been doing what we now call green architecture since 1980.

  • Perez-Lomeli Residence
    Kitchen and Master Bathroom Remodel
    A 1960's house with a strong architectural character with an 1980's kitchen and the original master bathroom. The goal was to modernize and enlarge the kitchen and master bathroom while respecting the house's original design and the owner's Mexican heritage. Photos by Rob Rijnen Photography
    • The existing kitchen
    • The existing Master Bathroom
    • Enlarged and remodeled
    • The remodel included the conversion of the shower to a roll in design.
  • Anne Slocum's Kitchen
    Major Remodel
    A leaking dishwasher and a water damaged kitchen where the impetus to finally build the kitchen that the owner has wanted for 20 years. Walls were moved or removed, windows relocated, and beyond the kitchen the entry ceiling was raised and new cabinets added to the dining, breakfast and living rooms. Photos by Rob Rijnen Photography
    • After the water leak.
    • There are cabinets to hide the trash, recycling containers and the Kitchen Aid mixer
    • New storage cabinets behind the stove and in the background, a special counter with filler spout for the coffee and tea makers.
    • Dual ovens, the refrigerator, a pantry and the coffee bar.
    • The ceiling over the breakfast area was raised to open up this part of the house.
  • andrews residence
    addition - studio
    A remodel and addition to of an existing garage to double the size of the garage and to add a second story artist studio.
  • Bob's New Deck
    Deck Replacement
    The existing second story deck was badly damaged by dry rot. The solution was to completely demolish the existing deck and all supporting structures and to rebuild to a new design using a Timber-Tech glass guardrail, and AZEK decking. All materials were chosen for their resistance to weathering and water damage.
    • The new stairs
    • The upper level
  • wood residence
    custom residence
    A passive solar house for an artist and his family. The house emulates the agricultural buildings in the surrounding countryside by creating the look a hay barn. The steel building barn shades the house while the forms and rough texture of the house’s stucco finish mimic that of hay bales.
  • lloyd-moffett residence
    addition & remodel
    The complete makeover of an existing two story house which included the addition of a new children’s play room and a home office, the reconfiguration of the stairs, the remodeling all of the existing bathrooms and new finishes in the kitchen.
    • The Hallway Before
    • The Hallway After
  • palmer
    second story addition and remodel
    A residential addition and remodel that features the addition of a second story master bedroom suite.
  • dana/powers residence
    addition & remodel
    The extensive addition and remodeling of a late 1800’s 6 room farm house into a modern residence with room for large family gatherings. The tower was part of the new construction.
  • smith residence
    A new guest house, barn, tack room and carport. The guest house is heated and cooled by passive solar principals.
  • casa del sol
    6 unit apartment complex
    One of the first apartment buildings in California to use passive solar principals for space heating and cooling.
  • kelleher-fontan residence
    remodel - bedroom & kitchen
    An addition and remodel to an early 20th century residence consisting of a master bedroom suite and kitchen.
  • palmer renovation
    The complete renovation of an existing house into a rental property. The earliest portions of the house date from the turn of the last century and were single wall construction.
    • before
  • sheridan residence
    custom residence
    A passive solar home for a young couple on a very steep, 25’ wide, ocean view lot. The house is heated and cooled by passive solar principals.
  • lewis residence
    addition & remodel
    A small addition and remodel to an early 20th century California bungalow to provide a workable kitchen, laundry and storage.

I specialize in tenant improvements of all sizes and types and the conversion of residences to professional office use. I have experience doing TI’s for single retail or commercial storefronts, professional and medical offices and restaurant and food service improvements. I am currently completing a project to add 30,000 sq. ft. of new commercial uses within an existing 2.5 acre warehouse property.

  • La Bodeguita and Commissary
    A commissary and support facilities for 50 catering trucks at an existing 2.5 acre warehousing facility.
  • Highway 33 Coin Laundry
    Commercial Tenant Improvement
    Completely refurbish a 2000 sq. ft. 1950's commercial building. The building had an existing coin laundry and a retail space. The building required a complete upgrade of the envelope, utilities interiors. The existing uses would be completely redone and upgraded.
    • The Existing Rear of the Building
    • Existing Coin Laundry
    • As Completed
    • As Completed
    • As Completed
    • As Completed
  • Central Coast Lymphedema Therapy
    The conversion of a residence to a medical office.
    • Before
  • Offices for Robert S. Vessely, Engineering
    The conversion of an early 20th century two unit apartment building into professional offices.
  • Professional Offices for Gary Faucette and Terri Quinn
    The conversion of a residence into professional offices.
    • Before
  • The Dance Shop
    A retail tenant improvement for a shop that sells shoes and clothes for dancers.
  • Strauss Luggage & Gifts
    A retail tenant improvement for a luggage store.
  • Cafe & Yogurt
    Tenant improvements for a yogurt shop.
  • La Bodeguita Laundromat
    Tenant improvements for a large laundromat. I have provided tenant improvement services for 5 laundromats in Nipomo, Santa Maria and Lompoc.

Residential Clients

  • Joe Perez and Cece Lomeli
  • Robert Lorenz
  • Anne and Ralph Slocum
  • Kenneth Nelson
  • Ed Carson
  • Rob and Kim Wurster
  • Elliott and Jill Andrews
  • Dave Bjerre
  • Phil Daughterman and Katherine Booth
  • Don Davis
  • Jack and Pam Gatz
  • Allen and Terry Hopkins
  • Jim Kelleher and Sherry Fontan
  • Steve and Carol Kennedy
  • Scott and Paula Lewis
  • Stephen and Fiona Lloyd-Moffett
  • Mary McElory
  • Sehon Powers and Judy Dana-Powers
  • Ken and Carolynne Palmer
  • John Sexton and Greg Macedo
  • John and Pam Sheridan
  • Dave Sheridan
  • Craig and Jody Smith
  • Tom Walters
  • Phillip Wood

Commercial Clients

  • L.R. Baggs
  • Patrick Kimbell, Kimbell Construction
  • Andy Castellanos
  • Dan Duval
  • John Eggert
  • Gary Faucette and Terri Quinn
  • Leslyn Keith and Bill Robinson
  • Adrian and Tracy Hernandez
  • Roger Lyon
  • Mr. Francisco Sanchez
  • Robert S. Vessely

Institutional Clients

  • First Baptist Church
  • The Greek Orthodox Church of St. Andrew the Apostle